Nathan Andrew

Nathan Andrew, certified Master Color Expert, is an individual with a passion for making an impact in the lives of those around him. Through his global travels, he has sought out the best education, going back to the salon to show his clients something new and fresh, as well as pay it forward by mentoring fellow team members

After extensive training and working with top artists in the industry, Nathan's passion for education continued to grow, leading him to become an educator for the Wella Company. Having the privilege to inspire other stylists has been a core mantra of his over the last several years.

Opening a business has been one of Nathan's proudest achievements. He continues to focus on education in his salon, cultivating passion and inspiration for stylists in the community. "I'm beyond grateful for the generosity other artists have shown me, teaching me what they know. Being in a position of leadership, I feel it is my duty to pass that knowledge on to others."

“Hair is my performing art. It is the fiber from which I create. I am privileged to make that my career and share it with others.”


Koryl Eaton

Walt Disney once said “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. Koryl, a Paul Mitchell graduate, is pursuing the career of her dreams. Being a part of the professional beauty industry has been a fruitful and rewarding experience. It has allowed her to make people feel beautiful; a gift that she's grateful for every day.

Koryl’s position as Manager at Salon AUDACE has been fueled by both hard work and dedication. Through constant research and business education, she has paved the way to grow with the company and assist in running multiple locations.

Salon AUDACE’s clients have grown to love interacting with Koryl, both on the phone as well as when they walk in the door. She makes each client feel welcome. “My dreams came true when I decided to call Salon AUDACE home.”

“The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do” - Bill Phillips


Vince Branham

Vince Branham, a native Oklahoman with an outsider's point of view, believes your hair and image are your chance to express ideas. You can be anyone you want and wearing that identity is a powerful tool.      

While working as a hairstylist in Norman for several years, Vince has continued to further his education in all aspects of hair.  His move to Salon AUDACE allows his passion to flourish, where education is now a regular part of the job.  

Attention to detail is one of Vince's primary concerns.  He strives to give each client, regardless of gender or age, a unique experience and style, while believing it should be tailored to the individual’s bone structure, complexion and personality. 

“We live in a visual culture. Our appearance is vital to our collective dialogue. You are part of that conversation. Let’s write your story together.”


Shane Webb

Shane Adam Webb's passion for the industry happened by chance, but at first glance he knew it was his world.  

Inspiration came through relationships that were formed between stylists, as well as stylists and their clients. Throughout Shane’s career he has taken steps toward mastering his craft while educating those around him.  He believes in paying it forward, as his passion was fueled by mentorship.   

"Integrity, passion, craftsmanship... the ability to make our guests feel beautiful and empowered; who wouldn't want to strive for that everyday? That’s why I love my team at Salon AUDACE.”