Our Commitment To Go Green

At Salon AUDACE, we realize the importance of being environmentally aware. This is why we have recently teamed up with Green Circle Salons in an effort to do our part for the environment. What does this mean, exactly?

Salons have excessive waste, from hair color, color tubes, foil, gloves, plastic caps, and various other items that typically go in the trash, or down the drain, neither of which are good for the environment. As a Green Circle Salon, 85-95% of our waste is diverted and kept from going down the drain or in a landfill. All of the items collected are recycled, reused, or even processed to add clean water back into water systems as well as create clean energy.

YES, even your hair goes to a good use. Using hair to create "Hair Booms," allows for soaking up oil during oil spills on North American coasts. How awesome is that!?

In addition, we'll be eliminating the use of paper towels and disposable cutlery in our salon, as well as switching to eco-friendly soaps and detergents and bleach alternatives.

Together we can make a difference and minimize our carbon footprint.