Breaking Up With Your Hair Stylist

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You’re sitting in the chair, cape on, thinking that maybe after today, you’ll finally be able to break up with your hair stylist. There you are, four weeks later, sitting in that same chair, AGAIN! You start to think that maybe it’ll happen this time. You may have been going through this feeling for a year, five years, some people even do it for ten or more years.

There are several reasons people want to leave their stylist. Perhaps its because the quality has gone down and you don’t want to flaunt your existing style. Maybe it’s because you feel like they don’t listen anymore, or even worse, all they do is talk about themselves.

If you feel like you need some pointers on how to break up with your hair stylist, here are some tips below.

  1. It’s not you, It’s me!

    Sometimes, you can simply tell your stylist that you are going through a life change. You’re rediscovering yourself and you simply need a change of pace. You can even tell them you may be back, but for now, you need to see what’s out there.

  2. My budget just can’t handle it.

    If it means swallowing your pride so you can make the initial split, you can always blame it on the pocketbook. Maybe you can even tell them you’re going to start going to a family member that does hair because there’s a lot of pressure.

  3. I got a gift card!

    Another great option; simply tell them your husband, wife, parent, or anyone really, got you gift card. You feel obligated to because it was a gift. Let them know you’ll call them when you’re ready to get back in. If they reach out to you, simply explain that you enjoyed your experience and you might stick around for a while. Maybe your significant other even, “got you a package deal” so you have to keep going for while.

  4. …SILENCE…

    Thats right, you just ghosted them. If you haven’t heard of '“ghosting” before, it is -The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

    Now, we’re not saying you should go this route. We’re simply saying, its not uncommon for people to do this to their hair stylist. Ultimately, it’s up to you

The question you have to ask yourself is, “If I’m really unhappy with my hair, or my hair stylist, is it really worth continuing to go back?”

So then, Is it!?