Four haircuts to die for this fall!

Much like waves, trends tend to come and go. May it be generational trends, or seasonal trends, they tend to repeat a sort of pattern. As stylists at Salon AUDACE, we make it a mission to follow trends, and continuously remain conscious of where trends are heading. In this post we are going to acknowledge the hair trends for Fall of 2019, and look out, the 70’s have returned!

  Hair lovers rejoice, 2019 has proven to be about something more simplistic and organic. We, as hair aficionados, no longer feel the need to smooth, curl, lighten, or dye in excess. We have finally circled back to a trend that allows your locks to express themselves in their natural beauty. We are recognizing that time is valuable, and no matter who you are or what your morning routine looks like, we ALL enjoy a few saved minutes in the morning. Instead of smoothing out your hair into a sleek, smooth curtain, rock those curls, girl, and make that smoothie you’ve been talking about making. This fall is all about tousled, undone texture, sun kissed dimension, and solid rich color. Below we will talk about some trends on the rise, the best hair types for the trend, and what products you can use to achieve these styles in the shortest amount of time possible.


  This soft, whimsical cut is perfect to achieve that undone texture we all so desperately seek! It’s fun, flirty, and perfect for all hair types. Whether you’re curly, wavy, or naturally straight, there are many versions of the shag that will work perfect for you!

  To style: Start by misting a generous amount of Shu Uemura’s Wonder Worker air dry/ blow dry primer. Wonder worker instantly hydrates, detangles, tames frizz, and adds silkiness. Follow up by applying a ping pong ball size of Shu Uemura’s Kaze Wave through mids to ends. This will help fortify, add touchable texture, and create soft, flexible, weightless hold. Finally, to finish off this textured style, mist Shu’s Texture Wave throughout, to add buildable texture. To take this look from day to night, use Shu’s Cotton Uzu to piece out the style for a rocker chic look.



  Don't be afraid of this previously ominous look! Stylists, now more than ever, are perfecting and creating their crafts to be versatile enough that everyone can enjoy styles like the Modern Mullet. This style is great for looser curl patterns, and wavy hair. No matter how thick, or thin, your hair may be, this look is a great option for anyone! Both edgy and soft, this cut can be tweaked in many ways to make the look even more original than it already is.

  To style: Begin by misting a generous amount of SEVEN Hair Care’s Protect spray all over damp hair. Protect uses sweet almond extract to soften, strengthen, and nourish hair. It is also used as a UV protection to keep those locks protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Follow Protect with SEVEN’s Seal spray to seal down that cuticle, lock in moisture, and even out porosity. Next, to create a touchable hold and promote those natural waves, add a quarter sized dollop of SEVEN’s Cubica Nuvo Gel. Finish this look with Seven’s Cubica Swept Texture Spray. This will add just enough texture to keep the look soft and feminine. Expert advice; for a little more hold and strength, add SEVEN’s Cubica Mousse Foam just at the base for that lift you’ve been craving.



  Whether you’re going for an edgy rocker look, or a soft French style, bobs and bangs are the look for you. Fall is the best time for big chops! Cut off those thirsty ends from all your pool parties, lake trips, and beach bonfires, and upgrade to a fun, flirty, and feminine little bob. This is one of the most customizable haircuts, so no matter what hair type you have, there is a bob for you!

  To style: Start by applying three pumps of Shu Uemura’s Satin Design throughout. This moisture rich lotion will help to restore luster, ease your blow-dry and provide weightless conditioning. Next, apply a generous amount of Shu’s Blow-dry Beautifier. This product is great for bobs and bangs because of the heat activated memory. If you’re someone that doesn’t like putting in a ton of effort on your second and third day hair, this product is a God-send! Finally, finish this look off by applying Shu’s Essence Absolue nourishing protective oil to your ends after your blow-dry, for shine and hydration. For curly or wavy hair, consider applying Shu’s Kaze Wave, or Ample Angora, for more hold and definition to your curls.



  Ladies, be bold! This cut is excellent at showcasing your natural beauty. Come out on top for optimizing your morning potential. With this cut, anything is possible! No matter what hair type you have, anyone can have a buzz cut.

  To style: Start by applying Seven’s Protect and Seal spray (just because it’s short, doesn’t mean we can neglect it). These products will lock in moisture and smooth down that cuticle. Finish this style by applying a fingernail size of any of Seven’s finishing products, and remember we want to feel the product on our hands, but we don’t want to see it on our hands.


All of these photos came from some impressive stylists off of Instagram, give these accounts a follow to show your support!