Blonde to Black and Back

So, you're thinking about coloring your hair black..No big deal right?

Well, there are some key things to remember before you make the jump. First off, are you able to make the commitment? While getting your hair colored black isn't an end all event, returning back to your previous color (depending on what that was) may not be as easy as you think. It's one thing to go back to a light brown color. Going blonde is a different story. Chances are, if you color your hair black and you want to be blonde again, you're most likely never going to get there again and keep the integrity of your hair. Will it all break off? Maybe not, but it WON'T feel the same. Be suspicious of the stylist who tells you that doing this will cause no harm to your hair. They may tell you they have tricks that will keep your hair in perfect condition...We won't say they're lying, but are you willing to risk your hair for it?

Another thing to consider when going back to blonde, there will be a transitional phase. Take Katy Perry, for example. We all know her for her iconic dark hair, but do you remember that time she decided to go blonde. She, too, had to go through a ginger hair phase. Even celebrity hair is not immune to the laws of hair color. Check out her before, during, and after below.

Key things to remember;

1 - it's a commitment, maybe not long term, but going back WON'T be a quick process

2 - Permanent color may not be the greatest idea starting starting out

3 - Find a stylist you trust. Always seek out someone whom you feel comfortable with.