The Art of embracing your gray hair!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we have the talk. I do it, you do it, we all do it, it’s called going gray. For as long as we can remember it has been our prerogative to cover, erase, or simply decline to acknowledge the fact that we all get those pesky little gray hairs. But, just like Bob Dylan said, “The times are a changin.” Hair in 2019 has been exciting, innovative, creative, and simple. Yes! Simple. As stylists we have made it one of our top goals to provide styles for our clients that they can actually recreate at home, and color that they can live longer in. We have mastered the balayage, a girls dream come true, and having bright beautiful hair that is easy to maintain. We have helped our gray clients by blending out gray, just to save them from coming in every three weeks for their retouch. We are even handing clients our thermal tools and allowing them to learn hands-on, just how we can achieve their desired style together. These, ladies and gentlemen, are groundbreaking innovations in the world of hair. However, in my opinion, the most innovative, most exciting trend is natural hair, and this means even natural gray hair.

In this blog post we are going to get down to the nitty gritty of gray coverage. I am going to present you more options than just three week retouches, and hiding under hats until your next appointment. Out with the old and in with the new!

We are going to discuss gray blending, partial coverage, and even the stigma in society that tells women they cannot be gray, to be beautiful.


Gray blending is a beautiful concept, sure you may be afraid to throw in the towel and start rocking those beautiful sparkly gray’s, however that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize them and give yourself a little more freedom with your salon appointments. Gray blending can mean a number of things, but for the purpose of not overwhelming you we are going to stick with three main options. First, permanent hair color is an amazing option, however it can limit you just a bit. If you are someone that likes to try new shades and tones, permanent color can make it extremely difficult to do that. It’s often hard for stylists to constantly change your color without compromising the integrity of your hair. With that being said I would recommend a Demi-permanent hair color. A Demi-permanent color with allow you that flexibility to change your color often, cover up to 50% of gray hair, and also give you a softer, gentler fade out.

Next up, base breaking. A base break is an amazing option for those with lighter colors, specifically those that like to highlight or lighten their hair already. By using a base break it with only shift and soften your natural hair color, so when those roots start growing in there isn’t a huge contrast and gives you a nicer, softer grow out period. This will give you a little more time in between appointments, and keep you from having to rock your favorite ball cap day after day.

Third, and finally, highlights! Highlights are an excellent option to blend out those grays. The lightened pieces of hair create the perfect camouflage for those sparkly, little gray roots. I would recommend this option for anyone with 75-100% gray, it is a little more traditional but ensures a little more insurance for those that need a little more coverage.



I know that going natural sounds scary, and even a little exhausting, after all the years of coloring and highlighting your locks, but it doesn’t have to be! We are seeing more and more women letting their natural hair grow in, looking just as beautiful and radiant as ever. In some cases, by giving up the constant retouches, it makes you look younger, more vibrant, and natural. Let’s face it, we all begin to gray at some point, some sooner than others, so by letting your natural hair grow, it only makes sense that it can make you appear softer, more feminine, and a little more like yourself. The stigma that society once put on women, to cover their gray, and hide their aging bodies has almost been erased. Growing older, is a sign of wisdom, so when you are feeling self-conscious of those little gray hairs, rejoice that you’ve lived such a full life! Gray hairs come from laughter, friends, family, and a life full of joy, learning, and exploring. Going gray is bold, scary, and even a little liberating! Embrace change! Besides, you can always go back to those beautiful, vibrant colors from before.


By Rodnee Stilwell