Silver Linings With Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence with her newly gray(ed) hair

Jennifer Lawrence with her newly gray(ed) hair

You've been tinkering with the idea..."to go silver, or not to go silver?"   It's the question on many minds when it comes to hair color these days. 

Do you feel like you're ready to take the plunge like some of today's leading ladies, such as Jennifer Lawrence? Well, before you make you're move, there are things to consider. 

1. Can your hair handle it? --- Let's be serious...can your hair take the brutality to be lightened as much as possible to be able to achieve that silvery white hair? The darker, coarser, more colored, and more damaged your hair is, the less likely you'll be able to get your desired result without compromising the integrity of your hair.  

2. Are you prepared for the maintenance?  --- Congratulations, you've chosen one of the highest maintenance colors you can. Yeah, it's beautiful, but be ready to give your hair a LOT of attention. After lightening your hair, it's going to have to be toned and maintained. Also, be prepared to make regular visits to the salon for touch ups as your hair grows.

3. Consider the cost. --- a look of this sort is generally not inexpensive, and while it may be tempting to have a DIY session as home, DONT. Leave this up to the professionals, but also, be prepared to fork over some change. Achieving this look is NOT easy, which is why it can be costly, and should be left to a salon professional. The best idea is to schedule a consultation beforehand and get a quote from your stylist. 

So, after some debating, are you able to check the boxes and excited to make the jump? Don't get us wrong, we LOVE this trendy, granny-chic look that has hit the streets. Just be sure that you've crossed your T's and dotted your I's before you reach for the gold..AHEM...SILVER.

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