Smooth hair, don't care

Once upon a time there was a young girl, with frizzy, curly, coarse, and unruly hair. This little girl had two big sisters. They were cool, they were hip, and they had smooth hair, and all that little girl wanted was to have smooth hair just like her two big sisters. Finally, the sisters gave in. They began combing, and smoothing, taming the little girls unruly locks. She felt like a big girl. She felt beautiful, she felt confident… that is, until she got burnt on the back of her ear with a smoothing iron set to 450 degrees. This burn resulted in one trip to the doctors office, boy in class making fun of her bloody bandaged ear, and losing all trust in her sister's ability to do hair.

That little girl is me, a stylist, someone that grew up to love hair. Over the course of my career and training I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and boy, can a smoothing iron create an ugly mess! In this post we are going to chat about how to safely use a smoothing iron. 


Now, ladies, if you are pulling out a smoothing iron your mother handed down to you, please, set that thing down and walk away! The heat on your smoothing iron needs to be regulated, therefore it’s important that you speak with your stylist about getting a professional quality smoothing iron. At AUDACE, we love GHD tools, we even keep them on our retail shelves for our clients. One of the many reasons we love GHD so much, is because the iron only heats up to 365 degrees, the reason for this regulated temperature is because that is as hot as hair needs to smooth or curl. When you go any hotter than this, you will begin to see burning, scorching, and breakage in hair. A few other things to keep in mind while smoothing your hair; always, always, ALWAYS use heat protection, take as few passes as possible, and remember that smoothing your hair daily is going to cause some damage, therefore, stay on top of those trims!