Brazilian Blowout

What Is A Brazilian Blowout? 

A Brazilian Blowout is an innovative, customizable smoothing service, allowing smoother results with less drying and styling time for up to 12 weeks. This revolutionary service, which requires no down time, is the best in the business. With Brazilian Blowout, there's no more waiting around before your can wash your hair or put it into a pony tail. If your desire is to have smooth, frizz-free hair, then a Brazilian Blowout is for you.

What Makes Brazilian Blowout Better Than Other Smoothing Treatments?

Fully Customizable - loose, bouncy curls or as smooth as possible
NO Down Time - After leaving the salon, you can wash it, clip it, pony tail it...
NO Permanent Change - After about 12 weeks, your natural texture returns
NO Line of Demarcation - Easy transition from other smoothers/straighetners
Great For All Hair Types - Kinky, Curly, Frizzy, Fine...we can help you out!

Is Brazilian Blowout For Me?

Do you want smoother straighter hair? Then YES, Brazilian Blowout is for you!
It's great for all hair types and only takes up to 2 hours. Whether your tired of dealing with your frizzy, curly hair, looking for quicker, easier styling, or even transitioning from other straighteners or smoothers, Brazilian Blowout is an excellent option to tame that mane.

How Much Does A Brazilian Blowout Cost?

Brazilian Blowouts range in price depending on length and density, as well as experience level of each stylist. To get a better idea of our services and pricing, check out our menu.

To schedule an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout with one of our certified stylists click here, or call us at (405) 234-0456. Treat yourself, you're worth it.


Brazilian Blowout Befer
Brazilian Blowout After