Hair Extensions :
The Nitty Gritty And Everything In Between

Am I A Good Candidate For Hair Extensions?

Getting hair extensions is a big decision for any client, whether it be for fullness, length, or you are transitioning styles. Whether or not you are a good candidate for extensions is dependent upon several things, including:
- Length of your hair/layers
- Health of your hair
- Density


Will You Be Able To Tell I Have Hair Extensions?

This is a common question. This is also why the starting length of your hair must be taken into consideration. The application technique is not the only important aspect of getting hair extensions, but the cut is as well. Knowing how to properly cut and blend your hair extensions is extremely important in order for the final result to look and move naturally.


What Is The Process For Getting Hair Extensions?

After a thorough consultation with your hair stylist, and matching your hair color, your chosen hair color, length, and texture will be ordered. This is why it is important to color your hair (if you plan on getting hair color) BEFORE matching and ordering your extension hair. Upon your next appointment your hair will be applied, cut, and blended. The two types of application we offer are as follows:

I-TIP - Upon ordering your extensions hair, colored tubes will also be ordered to match the hair. The tubes are made of copper and are lined with silicone, which protects the hair from the metal tube rubbing it, preventing breakage. During the application, portions of your hair are strung through the copper tubes, sliding the tube toward the scalp. The tip of the extension hair is then slid into the tube, which is clamped shut on both your hair and the extensions hair, thus holding it in place. Upon removal, the tube is opened up and the extension hair slides out, quickly and easily.

Tape - Extension hair is attached to small, thin strips of tape. Thin slices of hair are taken and a small tape extensions is attached both on top, and underneath, sandwiching your hair in between. The extensions hair then lies flat against the head. Upon removal, a special solution is applied to the bond which dissolves it, and the extension hair slides right out.


How Long Will My Extensions Last?

The Longevity of your extensions depends on the type of application, rate of hair growth, as well as at home maintenance. Making sure your follow your stylists instructions and caring for your hair extensions at home is pertinent for them to last to their fullest potential.

- I-TIp - Recommended wearing for twelve to sixteen weeks
- Tape - Recommended wearing for eight to twelve weeks


Will Hair Extensions Damage My Own Hair?

If proper care is given to your hair extensions, they will love you right back. Making sure you follow the instructions of your hair stylist, as well as regularly maintaining your extensions, will ensure the longest wearing potential. It is NOT advised that you try to make your hair extensions last longer than the recommended wearing time.


How Much Will My Hair Extensions Cost?

Hair extensions can vary greatly in price, depending on type of application as well as amount of hair applied. To get a quote for hair extensions, a consultation is required.


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