The Key to Having Hair Like a Boss

When comes to being a Boss, it’s just for work. Today, being a boss means more than that. It’s a word we use for empowerment, individuality, and so much more. Being a Boss in today’s world is how you get sh*t done, and let others know you’re serious.

So, you ask “How do I become a boss!?” Well, personality is KEY. You have to own it, exude it. Being a boss is in the attitude, just a much as it is being comfortable in your own skin. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you have to be confident.

So, we know confidence is key. If you’ve read Salon AUDACE’S vision statement, you’ll know we believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and empowered. There’s that word again; EMPOWERMENT.

You see, hairstylists touch more than just hair, we touch hearts. We make a difference in the lives of those we trust. When you’re in our chair, we want to make you feel like a BOSS!

So, here are the keys to having Boss Hair.

  1. Be open to change. Let your stylist guide you to choosing a stylist that accentuates your features.

  2. Be BOLD! While being comfortable is great, being Bold will take you farther. Don’t be afraid of intensity.

  3. Own your look. To be a boss, you have to be comfortable in your skin.

  4. Be confident. Confidence will attract attention and grab a room full of people.

  5. Know you’re worth it. You deserve to treat yourself and to feel empowered.

So, you have the keys.

come to our Studio for some BOSS hair. It’s 2019, and the time is NOW.