Japanese Permanent Straightening

When it comes to straightening hair, knowing what kind of process that is best for your hair can be a daunting task to figure out. This is exactly why leaving it up to a professional is extremely important. You may ask, "Do I need a keratin treatment? What brand is best? How long does it last? Is there upkeep?"
These types of questions can easily be answered during a consultation with your stylist. 

What Is Japanese Straightening?

Japanese straightening is an in salon service we offer that leaves you with silky, smooth results. The best part? It's PERMANENT!
Yes, you read that correctly. While some processes temporarily smooth the hair, a Japanese Straightening service actually changes the hair with a permanent result


What Is the Difference Between A Brazilian Blowout And A Japanese Straightening?

While a Brazilian Blowout works strictly on the outside of the hair, the Japanese Straightening actually works internally, changing the physical structure of the hair. A Brazilian Blowout binds proteins and amino acids to the cuticle layer of the hair, and combined with a strategic method of flat ironing this process smoothes the hair, eliminating frizz and sometimes even curl. This service generally lasts up to 12 weeks, which reverts back to your original texture. Ideal maintenance on a Brazilian Blowout is approximately every 12 weeks.

A Japanese Straightening works internally. The products applied to your hair cause the irregular bonds to seperate. Through a strategic flat ironing process, these bonds are realigned into a straight formation, then closed again, resulting in silky, straight hair. As this service changes the hair structurally, it is permanent. After a Japanese Straightening, your hair will not revert back to its original texture. Maintenance on this service is approximately every 6-8 months to touch up your new growth.


Will A Japanese Straightening Damage My Hair?

Any service which permanently alters the structure of the hair will make it more fragile. This is why finding a stylist that is properly trained and certified in the Japanese Liscio Straightening process is extremely important, combined with the recommended at home maintenance. With the right stylist and products, your hair should feel wonderful.


Do I Have To Use A Specific Product For My Treatment To Last?

No. Once your treatment is done, the results are permanent. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use the proper at home hair care recommended by your stylist in order to keep your hair as healthy as possible. After your treatment, you'll be shown our Liscio system of shampoo, conditioner, heat protection spray, and leave-in treatment to best care for your hair. While it is not required, we strongly advise the use of the system for the ultimate, straight and healthy results you desire.


How Much Does A Japanese Straightening Cost?

Your treatment will depend upon the length and density of your hair. Visit our menu for an idea of price range. For an exact quote, please book an appointment for a consultation by visiting our contact page, or by calling (405) 234-0456