The Game of Rock, Paper, Scissor


You know that feeling, when you're in your stylist's chair for the first time and you're so nervous? You have no idea what to expect, or if you'll get what you're asking for. You might as well hold out your hands and play the game of chance..."


Thats what it feels like, right? A game of chance? That's the scariest part of trying a new stylist. Until they've done your hair for the first time, or sometimes even a second or third, you don't know what the experience will be like. 

"Will my cut blend? How will my color look? Will there be bleed marks are gray hair left over? Will my blowout last, or will I have to go home and shower right after this?"

Those are questions running through your mind that you shouldn't have to stress about. Your experience should be relaxing, comforting, and interactive. Does your stylist ask enough questions to find out what you really want? 

This is where Salon AUDACE is different.

We ask. We Listen.

We provide a service unique to you and your specific needs. When you're you're ready for your tailored experience, Salon AUDACE will provide you with just that.